I work. I talk. I text. A lot. I get people together in the same room. Basically, I get things done, and done well. I’m an accomplished producer who can handle anything thrown my way in any medium. Whatever needs to be done, wherever it needs to live, I love producing great work.


My focus is to create inspired, integrated, actionable solutions with a huge network of proven creative professionals that I am lucky to call friends. Working together to give every idea a voice, a place to grow and a way through which to succeed.


Every day, media is changing; apps, web, games, films...everything. We work to create inspired original content to telling stories that entertain and inform by finding that truth that makes your idea unique. That “truth” is its inherent story —  great ideas told in memorable and meaningful ways.



Award Winning Executive Producer with over 20 years of experience working on many major global accounts such as Rubbermaid, Rayovac, Amway, and great regional and local clients like Furniture Row Companies, and the Gerald R. Ford Museum. 

Managerial experience supervising original content with a strong production network and history of working within the artist, media and entertainment communities.